ASI Trainers Fly To Maryland!


A Move & Shoot Sport For Everyone!

Our thanks to the Hendershots shooting club in Hagerstown, Maryland for hosting our first East-Coast ASI Range Officer class! Sandy and Dustin Wylie flew out to team-teach and help the Hendershots crew (led by Ron David, [email protected]) get their first match off the ground.

Sandy and Dustin blended classroom instruction with hands-on training – and students must pass both “halves” of the training to be certified. Every student runs the timer, does scoring, manages shooters, and helps respond to (simulated) unsafe behaviors!
Hendershots tells us they had strong attendance for their inaugural events, which has them off to a good start. If you’re anywhere nearby, we encourage you to drop by Hendershots and participate!
While he was in Maryland, Sandy Wylie stopped in to the Heritage club to check up on how things are going. The answer? Very well indeed!
Heritage is a thriving club, and if Hendershots can continue as well as they’ve started, between them the future looks bright for ASI in New England!

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