About ASI

Do you keep a handgun around for fun?

Here at Action Shooting International, LLC, we’re focused on giving you a chance to practice in a way that’s fun, and builds social connections with other gun owners.

We’ve put together a series of simple courses oriented on the practical use of handguns — along with a scoring system that promotes a relaxed, friendly attitude (like a bowling league). ASI shoots are competitions, but we’re more concerned about having fun and learning something along the way than fighting for every point.

Each shooting problem you’ll face (called a “stage”) focuses on a particular experience or skill — such as reloading, shooting around an obstacle, or shooting while moving.

The challenges you face will be “doable” for average gun owners. Some of the stages will repeat over the course of the year, giving you a chance to track your improvement.

What Gear Do I Need?

You need a safe handgun (Semi-auto or revolver, .22 or larger), a spare magazine or speed loader and about 100 rounds of ammunition.

If not using a holster, you will also need a gun case or range bag to carry the gun in when your’re not shooting.

IR003 Alley Madness

Shooter’s-eye view of “Alley Madness” one of ASI’s standard courses.

How About Holsters?

Holsters are optional. Shooters who’ve been cleared to use a holster by the host range can start with a loaded gun in the holster, but most shooters start each stage with their pistol on a table, on the ground, or other position specified in the stage briefing.

ASI’s founders all have 20+year backgrounds in semi-pro practical shooting competition. That’s an intense, high-skill world that’s ill-suited to the “average gun owner.” We’ve brought the match production and safety processes learned there into ASI, but reduced the intensity and technical demands, resulting in a casual sport which we’re sure you will love.

For more details, contact us directly (“contact” tab on the home page) and we’ll connect you with a range in your area. Currently most of our affiliated events are focused in the Pacific Northwest, but that’s changing as we grow.

Come join us! We’re having a great time!

Ownership Group

Robin Taylor, President/COO
Sandy Wylie, Board Chairman/CEO
Dustin Wylie, VP Program Development
Al Wylie, RO Trainer
TRon Davis, Senior Advisor