2020 Match Videos

Below are various videos showing stages at different matches.

PBRC – ASI Benefit Match 02/01/2020

PBRC – ASI Benefit Match – 02/01/20

The Corgi Nation Pistol Team Match Directed an Action Shooting International Benefit Match. With support of the Action Shooting International Executive Team and participants (who braved some sketchy weather) we raised approximately $1,400 to donate! Many thanks to gun writer Duane Thomas for coming out to cover the event for a future article to raise awareness. Lastly, our Washington State IDPA Championship Match Director, Brian Buller (aks, "GMB") was also able to secure two, P80 builders kit donations from his sponsor, Polymer80, which will be offered in a drawing in the coming weeks to raise more funds for Deputy Dyson's family -stay tuned for more details!

Posted by TRIAD Firearms Training on Sunday, February 2, 2020

Action Shooting Internations – RFGC 01/11/2020

Action Shooting International Match – RFGC – 01/11/20

Good times today for Corgi Nation Pistol Team at the Renton Fish & Game Club Inc 's Action Shooting International match! MD Robb Wolfe was able to squeeze four fun stages inbetween weather systems! Blasted cardboard and steel targets with a squad of notables to include: Brian Buller, Scott Needham, Vickie L Jennings, Jacquelyn Hallinan, Jonathan Tran, Randy Kuboi, Ben Sumaoang (DeLacy Larsen), and Ivan Fowler.

Posted by TRIAD Firearms Training on Saturday, January 11, 2020

Action Shooting International – PBRC 001/04/2020

Action Shooting International Match – PBRC – 01/04/20

Corgi Nation Pistol Team had a blast MD'ing the Action Shooting International match today at Paul Bunyan! While the intermittent, "Washington Sunshine" may have made for wet clothes it didn't dampen the spirits of the shooters! Shot with a squad of real lead slingers to include: Brian Buller, Scott Needham and Ted Wiggins, Jonathan Tran and Brady Beck, Mike and Brighton Benzien, Em-Lee S., and, "The B-Team": Rob Bartlett and Marcie Bartlett !

Posted by TRIAD Firearms Training on Saturday, January 4, 2020