New Stages Coming, New Stage Designs Sought!


A Move & Shoot Sport For Everyone!

Over the next few weeks look for fresh stage designs (like the above) to appear in the ASI stage library. ASI welcomes submissions from club
s around the country – including yours!
Dustin Wylie will be leading the charge on implementing new stages, so even if you have submitted a design in the past, please re-submit it (to Past submissions ended up going to different people, and we know we lost track of a couple in the hand-off process. We’d much rather have two copies of your designs than none at all!
When you’re drawing up a stage, keep in mind that ASI stages are designed to be “shoot-able” by entry level people. Movement is minimized, targets have ample scoring surfaces, and the shooter is not required to perform complex skills. Advanced tasks (like shooting on the move) should be made optional. Many of our stage instructions say things like “shots to be fired while moving or stationary” in order to keep from pushing the new shooter too far out of their comfort zone.
Right now the founders are discussing adopting stages from the Hand Sized Handgun championship 2017. Rick Breneman’s flair for challenging low-round-count courses underpins a lot of his success!
We particularly value stages like Breneman’s that come from outside the founders’ circle. We need fresh perspectives and the particular “style” of regional course designers (like Rick) to keep ASI vital.

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