ASI Logbook, ASI Operations Guide In The Mail

logbook cover

The 2016/2017 Member Logbook dropped into the mail to all members this weekend (Oct. 1), following up on the electronic version made available in the September ASI Member newsletter. The Logbook includes a step-by-step look at HOW to shoot ASI well, what the courses look like, and a place to record your scores for several of the more-common courses.

match operations cover

Similarly, the ASI Match Operations Guide started shipping to registered club contacts in late September, and is available to anyone looking for guidance on how to run an ASI club. The Guide includes sections dedicated to officiating, economics, scoring, match set-up, and more.

ASI “Shooter Logbook” in Development

IR003 Alley Madness
Initial art for “Alley Madness” — featuring a retreat to a barricade, and a mandatory reload

ASI recently started compiling its various stage designs, rules, and other instructional content into a “Shooter Logbook” for members. Every member will receive a copy of the logbook when it’s complete, giving them a way to plan, to practice — and to track their improving skills.

ASI’s Robin Taylor told us “We have a long way to go, but we’re hoping to have something so show in the first part of 2015.”