Saturday * Sept. 30th*
Check-in 0830 –0945
Paul Bunyan Rifle & Sportsman’s Club
Pre-register on PracticeScore at:
ASI at Paul Bunyan

ASI Match open to all—

With special recognition for:

  • Seniors (50—59)
  • Super Seniors (60– 69)
  • Elder (70 & onward!)
  • AWARDS for 1st—3rdPlace
  • High Lady High Copper High Veteran
  • Most Accurate CO and Iron Sights
  • High Whippersnapper will be awarded

Awards created by River’s Edge Arms

7 new ASI Stages

* Variety of shooting positions

* New props!
105 rounds minimum

* ASI rules apply *

Match Fee( Cash or Check)-payable to Paul Bunyan:
ASI member $25 (must have current card)
ASI non-member $30
NSO at 8:30 am. Fee $25
Working RO reduced fee

Renton Fish & Game Club Saturday – July 29th – Gate opens at 8am – Shooting starts at 10am

ASI approved stages 

  • Emphasis on a variety of shooting positions, movement and cover 
  • Media Coverage and Publication 
  • Strong-hand/weak-hand stages 
  • Awards 1st thru 10th + Top Lady & Top Junior 
  • Renton’s “Steel Dragons” (Youth Scholastic Action Shooting) are providing lunch & drinks for purchase as a fundraiser. 

Equipment Rules: 

  • A “safe” .380, .38, 9mm, .40 or .45 handgun. Revolver or semi-automatic 
  • To compete in the Hand-sized Handgun Division (for awards) – Maximum barrel length: 3 ½” semi-auto, 3” revolver. No “Frankenguns” 
  • Participants are welcome to shoot non-Hand-size Handguns and will be scored but will not be eligible for ASI HSHG Awards 
  • Minimum – 100 rounds of ammo 
  • “Strong-side” hip holster that covers the trigger or a gun rug. No fanny packs or purses 
  • Reloads on belt or in pocket. 2-3 mags or speed reloaders recommended 

Courses of Fire: 

  • 8 Stages of Fire 
  • Stages will start downloaded to 6 rounds with reloads limited to 6 rounds 
  • Variety of shooting positions (standing, moving, seated, prone, kneeling) 

Match Fee: 

  • ASI Membership is REQUIRED to participate. 
  • An option to sign-up for a one-time “No charge – 90 Day ASI Provisional Membership” on the ASI website and also will be available at registration 
  • Registration onsite on day of match. 
  • RFGC Member = $25 Non-RFGC Members = $35 

Click here to Download Match flyer

The 2021 Hand-sized Handgun match is fast upon us. It will be held on September 11th from 8am-2pm at the Renton Fish & Game Club.

  • ASI approved stages
  • Emphasis on variety of shooting positions, movement, and cover
  • Strong-hand/weak-hand stages

Registration for ASI members is $20.

Download Match Flyer!

Setting records! The ASI club in Renton, Wash. had what we think is their largest ASI club match to date on Saturday — 76 shooters! (Technically 77, but one had to go home early.) Way to go Renton and the Northwest Practical Pistol Association (NWPPA)!

SafeFire “Throwing Everything We’ve Got” At October Zombie Shoot

If you haven’t had the chance to shoot at the SafeFire Indoor Range in Camas, Wash., make plans to visit October 7th.

Match Director Tim Dickerson is “throwing everything we’ve got” at his Zombie-themed October shoot.

On top of the obligatory zombies, he’s making plans to field a target that will “walk” across the entire width of the range. (Subject to HQ approval.) Talk about going to lengths to make his shoot a success!

Dickerson is looking for volunteers to help with the match, and also to help with month-to-month operations. If you’re interested, give him a call at (360) 834-7233. You’ll find all the details about the range via https://www.shootatsafefire.com/asi-match

IMG_0360 web
ASI co-founder Sandy Wylie leads the production crew at Interlake.


Interlake Sporting Association (near Redmond, Wash.) is “back in business” for practical shooting. After a decade-long lull, Interlake will hold its first event June 4!

Registration starts at 9, with the shooter safety briefing at 9:30. All shooting will happen outdoors, so plan accordingly.

Interlake’s program has none other than ASI co-founder Sandy Wylie as its leader, helped by volunteers from Interlake and ASI-certified range officers from Renton Fish & Game. Expect four stages of fire June 4, pulled from ASI’s course library.

For directions and other club details, look up Interlake on-line at https://interlakesporting.com/ , or e-mail Sandy directly at “sandy (at) asi-usa.org”.

ASI’s founders remember well the days when Interlake was the “model shooting club” in the Northwest. We’re honored Interlake chose ASI’s controlled approach to practical shooting as the model that best fit its needs.

renton patch_MG_1145Check out our photo area to see what our first outdoor match at Renton Fish and Game Club looked like! We had a great time despite less-than-perfect weather.  Mark your calendar for the next one — every second Saturday through the end of the year. (May 9, June 13, July 11. . .)

renton patchJoin us April 11 to kick-off the ASI program at Renton Fish and Game Club.

ASI’s own Sandy Wylie will serve as match director, putting forward what we expect will be a “showcase” outdoor program.  If you can’t make it April 11, mark your calendar for the next one — matches will be held every second Saturday through the end of the year. (May 9, June 13, July 11. . .)

Renton offers a beautiful wooded range, with multiple shooting pits. All shooting will happen outdoors, so bring an appropriate coat or jacket.

High Demand Expected — Shooters at Renton have embraced the ASI concept, so we expect to have a pleasant mix of “regulars” and “new people.” If you’d like to know more, send us e-mail through the contact form and we’ll get the particulars out to you.

We expect to start the first group at 10:00 sharp, so please arrive by at least 9:30 for registration and the safety briefing.

lady muzzle flash_MG_0470Looking for an ASI match near you? If you’re in Seattle, we heartily recommend the new bi-weekly league at Bellevue Indoor Range, Inc. Bellevue Indoor Range shares space with the famous Wade’s Eastside Guns. The two complement each other, with a complete pro shop on one side of the aisle, and a full-service range (complete with rental firearms) on the other.

Anna Tyler runs the ASI match here runs every other Thursday night, 7-9 P.M. The match sells out regularly, so call the range directly to reserve a slot. (425) 649-5995.

When you come, expect to receive a full briefing in the upstairs classroom, orienting you to the basics of ASI competition. To participate, you’ll need to be authorized by the range staff (call for details). The range has a separate safety check process for shooters wishing to draw their guns from holster.

Wade’s is one of the first ranges to adopt the ASI program, and has had great success with it. Many of the ASI stages were developed here, including most of the standard  exercises, and many of the fun move-and-shoot stages that will be featured in the “Shooter Logbook.”