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Checkout Our New Affiliate Map

Checkout out our new ASI location map!  This interactive map enables you to see information about all our locations including club addresses and contact information for new members.  As an added bonus, you can share this map with other people using the "share" feature...

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Hand Sized Handgun Largest to Date

With 65 shooters plus staff, family, and friends, the 2016 “ASI Hand Sized Handgun Championship” broke records in Washington. “You guys are doing a great thing here,” said Russ Bates. “I had a great time, and I'll be back.” As a senior with physical limitations ASI's...

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Power Factor Show Interview

ASI's Robin Taylor and Sandy Wylie sit down with the Power Factor Show's Rick Brenneman to talk about ASI. The Power Factor Show caters to competitive shooters, so the interview includes a lot of the thinking and history behind ASI, along with discussions of how it...

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Renton Outdoor Series Rolling

Check out our photo area to see what our first outdoor match at Renton Fish and Game Club looked like! We had a great time despite less-than-perfect weather.  Mark your calendar for the next one -- every second Saturday through the end of the...

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Great Customer Service Ideas

The pro staff at Wade's Eastside have done a great job taking to ASI's "customer oriented" approach, and we thought these moments from the Dec. 5 match deserved special mention. At right you'll see one of Wade's Eastside's range officers demonstrating "Alley Madness"...

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