Blue Press features ASI!

Blue Press cvr sep2015

The September issue of Dillon’s “Blue Press” has a great article on ASI by gunwriter Duane Thomas. If you shoot at Wade’s Eastside, odds are you’ve bumped into him.

Thanks to his article, we’re getting swamped with requests for information and guidance on how to start up an ASI program — people from 20 states have e-mailed us already!

If you’re looking at our site for the first time, welcome! We’re eager to talk to you about how we can bring the success of ASI to your local area. Trainer Al Wylie is in Arizona right now responding to clubs that contacted us. If all goes well, we’ll be sending Al to visit a club near you!

Norpoint Matches Underway


ASI’s latest indoor club — the Norpoint Shooting Center in Arlington — welcomes shooters on the “last” Saturday evening of every month. ASI HQ staff reps have been (and will be) on-site for their first few matches, helping range owner Brian Halleq’s crew of range officers with the details.

The match starts at 5, but shooters are encouraged to arrive a little early to allow time for registration and other last-minute details. Rental guns are available to those who need them, and ammo is available on-site. To contact Norpoint, call (360) 386-8832 or click on