Greetings from Action Shooting International®

The pandemic had a considerable impact on operations at ASI’s headquarters.  Meanwhile, ASI® continued to grow exponentially!   We have added several new clubs and experienced enthusiastic participation in some of our most popular specialty events: including the 2022 5th Hand-size Handgun Championship, with 93 participants. Plans are in process for the 2023 match. We also had a very entertaining 2022 ASI Senior Classic –  with 80 participants and our first ASI Single Stack Match.   ASI was featured in multiple media articles for these events.   ASI now has over 1,200 registered members, and new ranges/clubs are coming on board every month in the Pacific Northwest, East Coast and Texas.

Our goal of creating a “Move and Shoot,” non-competitive sport for those wanting to learn safety, improve firearm handling skills, and Have Fun – has exceeded our expectations. 

Please excuse our very outdated “Version 1” website.   We contracted with a web development agency, and a very feature-rich “Version 2” ASI website should be available shortly.   The existing website will be active with accurate and updated legacy materials while the new website is being created.    

Thank you to everyone who has supported ASI’s introduction to the shooting sports.  We hope to join you out on the range!      Sandy Wylie, Robin Taylor, and T. Ron Davis (ASI Founders)